Ashrams in Varanasi

Muths and Ashrams

Varanasi or Kashi is the nucleus of spiritualism and mysticism. It is the birth place of Vedic tradition, which is still practiced. It is the inventor of the guru-shishya parampara, astral science, and many things that spread happiness, light, and knowledge. The kind of teaching it provides to students is difficult to find anywhere in the world. For scholars and researchers, it is an open museum as vast as the universe and as deep as the ocean. Its tradition is kept alive by several religious outfits. These outfits operate through the traditional style of muths and ashrams. Experiencing the teaching in the muths and ashrams culture is like discovering oneself and purifying from within. It is the kind of discovery that makes you understands the purpose of your life and the ultimate bliss.

Exploring the city and its culture and tradition through the muths and ashrams is a way to attaining internal satisfaction. The best thing about these traditional institutions is that they do not discriminate people based on their caste, and financial status. Neither do they divide students based on their intellectual levels nor falter under the influence of political pressure. As long as the students are with them and getting trained in spiritual, Vedic astrology, social science, or moral principles of life, they take care of them from beginning to the end.

Most of the ashrams in Kashi exist for centuries. They are the centres of religious activities and spiritualism. Many philosophers, writers, poets, devout gurus, and politicians have received their spiritual training here. Anyone who feels disturbed emotionally and psychologically, must spend some times in any one of the Kashi ashrams. Doing so will help them in gaining a balance between life and materialistic aspirations. They will discover themselves and achieve bliss from the teaching. The stay and education will also provide an opportunity to start over a new leaf and live their lives as per the directions offered in the holy texts.

Some of the famous muths and ashrams in Varanasi are Dharm Sangh, Nirajnai Akhanra, Satua Baba Ashram, Jagambari Math, Sadhu Bela Ashram, Mata Anadmai Ashram, Radha Swami Bagh, Kabir Math, Karpatri Ji Math, Dandi Swami Math, Ram Krishna Mission Sevashram, Kinaram Math, Sanatan Gaudiya Math, Tailang Swami Math, Gopal Math, and Bhinagaraj Dandi Sevashram.