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Astrology at Varanasi

Varanasi has been the ‘centre of learning’ for yore. It has always accepted people interested in learning art, literature, music, culture, and astrology from all over the world. One of the finest gifts it has given to the world is the science of astrology. The world will ever remain indebted to her for this wonderful gift of understanding the effect of cosmic design on human lives. It was first the city that offered teachings in Vedic astrology, and thus, have a strong hold in this subject.

Vedic astrology has been practiced by sages in India for centuries. Those sages used their knowledge of Vedas from ancient scriptures to foresee a bad event in someone’s life and offer remedies to cut down its effect. With the help of the Vedas, they were able to peek into the past, present and future of one’s life. They passed down their knowledge of Vedas to their students either through books or teachings. They called this knowledge as ‘Jyotish,’ which means the science of light. This is because most of their studies are based upon the position and movement of the planets in the sky.

The root of Vedic astrology lies in spiritual practice. It believes that the predestined position of space or the universe dictates the fortune of a person’s life. This idea or belief is still followed by several noted astrologers of Varanasi. Based on the cosmic design at the time of a person’s birth, they prepare a chart and try to find out where the person’s life is heading and in what direction. The Vedas also provide remedies for minimizing the bad effect of a situation in a person’s life. One who ought to get out of such distressing situation has to offer prayers to the God, distribute alms to beggars, feed cows, and follow a strict regime for some weeks.

Astrology at Varanasi has come to age with time. Many astrologers now use customized software that allows them to enter the time and place of birth of a person and find the position of the planets at that time and their effect on the person’s life. This saves their time and preparing the birth chart of a person. However, correct birth time is very essential to know which planet has most influence in one’s life.

Vedic astrologers practicing in Varanasi have an upper hand in predicting accurately than their western counter parts. Their knowledge of Vedas and cosmic design beyond comparable. Using the knowledge about the position and the effect of planets, they can provide accurate insight into the events and changes about to occur in one’s life. If one has to know what is stored in his or her life, then availing the service of Vedic astrologers is highly recommended.

During the ancient days, ‘jyotish shastra’ were taught at ashrams and gurukuls. The ‘guru-shishya tradition started from here and still continues to this day. As more students are aspiring to learn astrology at Varanasi, several educational institutes have come up in the city with the progress of time. There are millions of students from India and abroad who are benefitted from the knowledge of Vedic astrology.

The knowledge of Vedic astrology is a great boon to the humankind. It is one of those intelligent things that sages and astrologers have preserved diligently. Even the world has accepted it as a science. The only thing necessary is to find an experienced astrologer. However, one should not expect to reverse his or fortune. The Jyotish vidya is only to take a precaution to avoid things that could disturb mental, finance and health condition.