Baba Kinaram Aghor Ashram Varanasi

Aghori Temple or Baba Kinaram Aghor Ashram Varanasi

Aghori are disciples of Shiva, which renounce the world and turn its values upside down. They live a life which a normal person cannot imagine. They used wood brought from the cremation ground is given as Prasad. Skulls are used for drinking of water through it.They cook their food through cremation pyres, sleep on graves.

One of the biggest ashram of Aghori is in Varanasi also known as Awadhoot Kinaram Ashram Math. One can easily identified it by seeing number of skulls hanging outside the gate. You will find many aghori inside the ashrams doing their daily rituals. One kund is there inside the ashrams known as “Krim Kund”, aghori usually bath in this kund. There is a library inside for research of Aghor(Aughar) tradition studies. It is said that aghor studies heal the mind, body and soul.

Baba Kinaram aghor ashram was founded by Baba Kinaram was the aghor of Varanasi city of the 16th century. Aghoracharya Maharaj Kinaram had passed through all through the country and fondled the pains of the people. After that, he had promised his whole life for alleviating the sufferings of the people.

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