Varanasi-An abode of silk sarees

A large variety of fine silk originated from the city of Banaras, Uttar Pradesh, India. Banarasi silk is most famous in India as well as across worldwide. These sarees are crafted in a way to give a royal look as every Banarasi saree is made from real gold and silver thread that nearly takes a year to make it.

The history of Banarasi saree speaks that the Mughals had got fine craftsman’s to India as well as gave their best to set up the art of weaving and designing. Earlier Persian motifs were blended to form the beautiful Indian attire. During that time, silk was brought from China to prepare the Banarasi saree, but later it was imported by the southern part of India.

The legacy of Banarasi silk sarees was carried at present too. It is because of the design made by silver and gold brocade famously known as “ Zari” work as well as the “ Jhallaras” that is strings of upright leaves is considered as one of the famous design. The saree is not prepared alone but requires three artisans for preparation of one saree in the power loom.

The intricate of the saree is reflected in its design that craftsman to prepare it. Regarding decoration and design, there are six divisions of Banarasi silk namely: Jangla, Tanchoi, Tissue, Butidar, Cutwork, Vassar and Banarasi silk Jamdani.

The present scenario for the authentic handmade Banarasi saree is a major missing as the increase rates of machinery have overpowered the small scale handloom industries. At present, designers from both younger and older generation are building a platform for innovation and setting up standards for aside range of Banarasi silk sarees. Besides this, an interesting fact of Banarasi saree is that it is made of 5600 thread wires and small scale industry artists take fifteen days to six months to complete one saree and nearly a year to complete saree that includes complex design.

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