Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao scheme at schools of Varanasi

The meritorious students especially girls were given an opportunity to teach other students that is their classmates at Sairagopalpur primary school in Pindar block of Varanasi District on January 25 and 26. Headmaster Manoj Kumar Singh believed that it is an initiative taken by them to boost the confidence of girls and spread awareness about the Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao scheme. The central government made the effort of creating awareness as well as improving the project the scheme‘s efficiency that is intended for girls welfare.

In the experimental process, RoopnRekha a class four student overtook the principal’s chair on January 25 and the same day, Pavni Patel of class 1, Samita Patel of type 2, Sejal Patel of type 3, Rimjhim Singh of class 4 and Amita Patel of class 5 were made class teachers of their respective classes and the teachers helped them to carry out their duties well enough. On January 26, the girls hoisted the national flag and sang the national anthem on the Republic Day.

Manoj Kumar Singh anticipated, “It was heartening to see girls taking charge and discharging their duties to perfection. They maintained discipline and the students obeyed their instructions. The exercise was carried out to boost the confidence of our girls.”

It was a proud moment for parents to watch their children performing the role of teachers. To which RoopRekha added, “We were entrusted with new responsibilities in the presence of our parents who could not believe their eyes. My parents got emotional when they saw me sitting on the principal’s chair”.

Puja Singh, Pindar block Pramukh and Education officer Ashok Kumar Singh and village head Om Prakash Singh paid a school visit to see the changes initiated by the headmaster and the teachers were the audiences to look at their children performing the task as a teacher very well. The parents, teachers, as well as students, we’re happy to feel that the girls gained confidence about themselves.

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