Fish Market in Varanasi

Fish Market in Varanasi

Varanasi there are many markets selling all kinds of river and pond, lake fishes, there’s none like the bustling Chaukaghat fish market. Fish lovers must visit this place, not just to buy the fish of their prime, but to spectator the crowd, chaos and the infrequent energy in the air. The market is located nearby Sanskrit university road, and if you visit the same in the early morning, you will find fish trolleys arriving here with sufficiently of fish.

The Chaukaghat fish market in Varanasi has the status for being the freshest fish market in town. Sell a wide variety of locally caught species, including cat fish, prawns etc.

Major fish market in Varanasi is:

  • Chaukaghat Fish market
  • Bengali Tola fish market
  • Ganga Ghats.

Address: Sanskrit University Road, Chaukaghat, Varanasi.

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