Inauguration of new STP launched at Goithaha by PM

Arrangements and planning did in Varanasi; all set to inaugurate the new 120MLD capacity Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) situated in Goithaha village of trans Varuna section on Varanasi Azamgarh highway. PM Modi’s visit to the state will mark the launch of STP on February 19.

L&T Company completes the construction of the product. The STP is so built to address the sewage treatment issue in Trans Varuna area. The focus of STP is to deliver the essential sewage treatments as well as the residue collected (effluents) will be drained out in the canal for irrigation use.

KP Zala, an officer who checks the STP have claimed that because of fewer household connections in that area, only 20-25 MLD sewage is produced for treatment. He also noted that the capacity of STP to treat wastewater is 360 MLD. According to him, the company will bore responsibility for maintenance and operation of STP for five years.

SK Rai, the GM of Pollution Control Unit of UP Jal Nigam also confirmed that out of 50,000 houses; 25,000 houses have connections with sewage line. The management of sewage and wastewater is a challenge for the authorities at present as the generation of sewage in the city is 400 MLD.

Over two decades since 1986, no sewage treatment plant was set up after the launch of the Ganga Action Plan (GAP). Nevertheless two STPs: one from Deenapur bore capacity of 140 MLD, and the other was established with 120 MLD capacities, a total of 260 MLD were functional together by the second phase of GAP.

However, a 50mld capacity of STP is set in the Ramona area. Authorities have claimed that no sewage will touch Ganga and Varuna after the city builds a 412 MLD capacity STP.


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