Kalika Mutton Curry Hotel Varanasi

Kalika Mutton Curry Hotel Varanasi

Hotel Kalika is providing best mutton curry since 80’s and has the same home recipe and creating new ideas. The cuisine has an enormous variety, appetizing flavour and lip-smacking delicacy. Varanasi non-vegetarian enjoys the sort of gastronomy a lot. Probably people of all communities, be it Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian, relish tremendously in non-vegetarian cooking and eating in & out. The foodstuffs cooked of meat, mutton or chicken are being served in Kalika hotel. Food lovers visit this hotel and eat out different flavours.

The identity of kalika hotel is making food on clay chulha and they are master in it. The exquisite flavours of creations have been attained through the use of carefully sourced ingredients and classic cooking techniques. Hotel keep both traditional styles of cooking and creative flair are celebrated within menu dishes to satisfy and innovative meals to our valuable customers. Chefs of hotel are drawn from their clever desire for food to create several present-day and quite merely, delectable dishes, ensuring the menu is Hotel Kalika a culinary success.

Menu :

  • Mutton
  • Kaleji
  • keema Kaleji
  • Chicken
  • Desi Chicken
  • Machhali (Muda-per piece)
  • Machhali Curry
  • Machhali (Fry-per piece)
  • Mutton Kabab (Muda-per piece)
  • Kaleji rice
  • Keema rice
  • Keema masala
  • Egg Curry
  • Mutter Paneer
  • Mutton Chusta (per piece).

Address: Shop No. 3 Mint House, Nadesar, Varanasi

Main Branch: Kalika Hotel, Algurai Shastri Marg, Azamgarh.

Referrer: http://hotelkalika.in/

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