Redemption Homestead: A step before Moksha

The first category says, Death at Varanasi by articulating the name of God.

Individuals arrive at Varanasi in worn out cars, crutches and at times at stretcher, it is even hard to breathe. However to achieve salvation thousands of people visit Varanasi each year to die. The Hindus believe that killing at Varanasi help them to get cleared from all their wrongdoing and sets free an individual from the cycle of rebirth. And if the cremation process is carried out in Varanasi, then it adds a bonus and satisfaction to the end.

The second category is about Soliciting Liberation.

The people who seek for salvation and does not have sufficient days to live try to go to Varanasi in an attempt to find liberation of the soul. The seniors come to Varanasi seeking to be cremated here, i.e., at Ganga after their death. “Kashi Labh Mukti Bhawan” is a salvation house that is booked for people who have only a few days in their hand to live life. At least 20 men and women come up from around the world to complete their last few days at Varanasi’s “Death Hotel” an ancient, tired building that was built during colonial era with 12 small concrete floor rooms.

The third category speaks about Being a few day’s visitors.

In Varanasi, the oldest among all cities have had many guest house for people to stay. Mukti Bhavan was one of such type. However these buildings have become a regular stay hotel for the tourists who bring more cash, the room is booked for them. The 24 hours cremation on holy river Ganga is a big haul for the city. The caretaker of Mukti Bhawan, Bhairav Nath Shukla took care of the property for over four decades and said most of his inhabitants pass away within few days. The rooms given to them is limited for only two weeks.

The fourth is Mortal Hotspot.

The developments that are happening around Varanasi leaves no scope for Mukti Bhawan to have the view of holy river Ganga any more. The charity maintains the Mukti Bhawan. However, it does not imply that people do not want to die there. It is so believed that people travel around thousands of mile to come to Varanasi. Sometimes they prefer plane from foreign countries, other times they just put themselves in the car back, and they travel.

The fifth aspect is about spending just a few Penny for ultimate satisfaction.

The localities or the residents pay a few pence for the room and fan. The prayers are daily chanted by the old Pandits who offer the Ganga water to the old people to consume and which the Hindus think is pure. The Hindu choirs are hired by giving some extra cash to sing sacred songs to the dying visitors.

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