Enroute Varanasi to Ahmadabad via bus tour

Enroute Varanasi to Ahmedabad  via bus tour

Varanasi is located in north India state of Uttar Pradesh that is famous for its temples, culture and traditions whereas Ahmedabad  is the largest city of Gujarat situated in western India is renowned for its textiles, markets, museum and most importantly Sabarmati ashram. To tour around Varanasi to Ahmedabad, several new buses are launched from Ahmedabad to travel to pilgrimage and other tourists joints. A hop on and hop off tourists bus is inaugurated at the world heritage city of Ahmedabad, and the bus moves across the city of Ahmedabad. Recently, the Gujarat State Transport has enlarged its services to places such as Haridwar, Varanasi, Goa, Nathdwara and Haryana.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani hailed around thirty premium buses from Ahmedabad to the destinations mentioned above. The chief Minister Rupani has also announced for discounts over 6% on online booking tickets that are available, the premium segments of buses include Volvo, premium and AC buses and a 4% discount on non-premium buses, non-ac or other buses. Around 2000 appointment letters were handed to Rupani for recruitment of bus conductor by the Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC). Chief Minister Rupani claimed that the bus extension is to provide to meet the demands of citizens as poor people cannot afford to travel in premium buses thus this bus will be an alternative solution for people to visit pilgrimage and other tourist centres.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani also suggested it is a step to promote Prime Minister Narendra Modi campaign of digital India and cashless payment that are to be done hassle free. By this, the Prime Minister scheme can be developed as well as the promotion of bus and the offers can be avail to ordinary people. Transport Minister RC Faldu also claimed that Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation services are available to 18,000 villages across the state and no state is left untouched. The Gujarat senior officials were also available when the discussion was being made.

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