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Educational Institutes

Varanasi is the only city in the world that has not lost its core values no matter how fast the wheel of time has rotated. It has matched its steps with the changing times and stayed to its reputation of being the city of education and learning. The type of knowledge it has given to the world is priceless. It had taught philosophy, Sanskrit, astrology, yoga, social science, ayurveda, and modern science to the world for centuries. It has so much of knowledge to impart to the world that students, scholars, philosophers, and educational gurus from every state of India and across the seven seas come to get enlightened here. Its traditional style of teaching blended with the modern techniques of pedagogy has the power to transform lives of students for the better.

The seed of education that erudite of the ancient times have sown is continuing to reap benefits. Today, education in Varanasi has become global. The city has scaled all the heights in the field of education. Even the third world has respected it for its equanimity and even-sightedness. For the residents of India, Varanasi is the most sought-after destination for education. Whether one is looking for engineering, information technology, mass communication, medicine, business management, and other professional courses, Varanasi has delivered excellence in all the disciplines. Graduating from here is a sure ticket to the corporate world.

The CET (Common Entrance Test) conducted by the educational institutes of Varanasi for admission in professional courses is the toughest in the country. Cracking the test is like receiving a confirmed ticket to the highest-paying jobs in India. The competitive environment and learning facilities that the education institutes provide is outstanding. They are at par with the most renowned and reputed educational facilities of the world.

Varanasi was the first to start a Sanskrit college in 1791. As India was ruled by the East India Company then, the aim of establishing the college was to educate the servants of the Company. It was Mrs. Annie Besant, who first thought of imparting traditional as well as modern education. She was the brain-child behind the establishment of the Central Hindu School. This school started at the end of 19th century worked as the foundation of prestigious and reputed Banaras Hindu University. The BHU is one of the reputed educational institutes of the world offering all types of professional courses to students from all over the world.

To provide students a strong foundation right from an early stage, Varanasi has built numerous schools and colleges. These elementary, primary, and secondary educational centres contribute largely in shaping the future of students and the country as well. There are schools run by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. Besides, countless private ad convent schools are well braced-up for shaping the personalities of students through their innovative way of teaching.

The quality education in Varanasi cultivates positive virtues in students’ lives. They help in developing oneself as a better person, and infuse qualities such as righteousness, selflessness, and benevolence.