kashi vidyapith

Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith

The evolution that took place during the India’s struggle for freedom has paved ways for the establishment of a few educational institutions. The Kashi Vidyapith in Varanasi is one such institution of the pre-independence India inspired by the political aspirations and progressive minds. The brain behind setting of an institute of such a magnitude was Banu Shiv Prasad Gupta. He was deeply impressed by the educational institutions of Japan when he visited in 1913-14. The visit to Japan inspired him to build a university which is free from the government aid and interference. The non-cooperation movement started by Mahatma Gandhi helped in laying the foundation, and the Vidyapith was eventually established in 1921.

The Kashi Vidyapith was entirely managed by the Indian nationalists and educationalists. The call to join the non-cooperation movement by Mahatma Gandhi attracted many young Indians from all parts of India. By having great nationalists like Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Acharya Narendra Dev, Babu Shriprakash, and Jivatram Kripalani as professors provided the momentum for the progress of the Vidyapith. The administration and financial support were provided by Indian industrialist and political leaders of that time.

It was declared a “Deemed University” by the UGC in 1963. Its present name, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith was offered in 1995. The MGKV is committed to providing education to students of all castes, and religions. Equality to one and all, and total support to Indian socialism have been its core value, and it still sticks to it. Its functions are handled by vice-chancellor, chancellor, executive council, and academic council.

In this present time, the MGKV is one of the prominent universities of India. It has a wide range of professional courses to offer. Students can choose from arts, commerce, science, law, computers, management, etc. to build their career. It has over 400 affiliated colleges under its wings educating students of urban and rural India of six districts. It is the most sought-after university for higher education in Uttar Pradesh.