sampurnanand sanskrit university

Sampurnanand Sanskrit University

Sampurnanand Sanskrit University was first started as a Government Sanskrit College in 1791. The idea of a college in Sanskrit managed entirely by the government was proposed by Jonathan Duncan. He believed that in this way the Sanskrit Vangmaya (grammar) can further be developed and preserved while at the same time demonstrating British support for Indian education. Lord Cornwallis approved this proposal, and a Sanskrit college was founded. He also sanctioned an annual amount of 20,000 rupees for its functioning. The college building is an impressive architectural structure that reminds of the colonial era. It is big, attractive, and full of greenery with wide and long roads. It got converted into a university in 1958. Since Dr. Sampurnanand played a vital role in the conversion, the state government honoured his effort by naming the university as Dr. Sampurnanand Sanskrit University in 1974.

The courses that were taught during that time were Vedas, Astrology, Vedanta Purana, Theology, Sahitya, Mimansa, etc. Today it is more organized and has several departments under each Faculty. It has a big library with a huge inventory of books on different subjects. For researchers, and students, the library is like a diamond mine where the more you dig in, you will lay your hands on more precious things. A health centre is also inside the campus to ensure students are medically fit all the time. A hostel with all the modern facilities is there in the campus to take care of the accommodation needs of students from the end part of India and the world. To sow the seed of spiritualism in students’ mind, there is a spiritual centre where they can balance their mind, health, and de-stress.

In its present day, the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University is the core education provider. It has over 1200 Sanskrit schools and colleges under its wings. Not only in Uttar Pradesh, several educational institutions from other states such as Delhi, Gujarat, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra are affiliated to the University.